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SFBV hosts Town Hall Meeting


COLLEGE STATION—Residents and community leadership came together on Thursday, September 15 at the Christ United Methodist Church to hear from a panel of local authorities, drug addiction professionals, prevention programs and Texas A&M University’s student government about the growing drug usage and abuse trend in the Twin Cities.

A crowd of about 45 people attended the nearly two-hour presentation, and those in attendance included teenagers, senior citizens, school administrators, officers of the law enforcement and elected officials.

A question was asked from the audience about what the most important thing parents should know about the increasing drug abuse trend.

“Just observation, recognizing it in your own family,” said Bobbi Brooks, Program Manager of the Watch UR BAC project. “There are resources
out there that are available for people you think may have, or have an addiction.”

The program was sponsored by Strengthening Families of the Brazos Valley.

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