Couple married for 25 years:

What did you think about the program?
Wife: “I actually loved the program, we have been through all sections of the program. And there was actual information that we could use to help us even though we have been married for 25 years. I learned a lot of stuff that I didn’t know. “
Husband:Definitely everything that she said.”

If you were telling somebody else about our program what would you say?
Wife: “To come, just try it because if you think you know everything you don’t. There is always something new.”
Husband:She said it perfectly.”

Couple married for 3 years:

What was the one thing that stands in your mind that you learned from Synergy that you can apply to your marriage?

Husband: “Well Synergy was, I’d say everything about it was good. Learning ways to make our marriage strong and learn different ways so if something arises, we can cope and agree. There was a lot of stuff from Synergy that was good… ”
Wife: I liked learning about the different personality types and although I don’t think we are direct opposites but you know our personalities aren’t always together on the same things. So but we learned a lot about how to bring those two together to work better.