Narro brings Strengthening Families classes to county



Caldwell’s Holly Suehs Narro is the new Burleson County program
coordinator for Strengthening Families of the Brazos Valley (SFBV).
SFBV is a project within the Family and Community Health unit of Texas
A&M AgriLife Extension and the program is funded through the Department
of Health and Human Services, Office of Family Assistance.

SFBV offers three workshops and classsies throughout the year, including a one-day marriage/relationship(PREP) workshop, an eight-week parenting series (one evening a week for eight weeks) and an eight-week family financial management series(one evening a week for eight weeks).

PREP is a marriage and relationship education workshop that teaches
couples how to communicate effectively, work as a team to solve problems,
manage confl icts and preserve and enhance commitment and friendship. It also teaches single individuals about positive relationship skills.

The first PREP workshop was on Oct. 15, andNarro said it was extremely
successful. The participants had positive feedback and were most appreciative
that the program was offered close to home in Caldwell, Narro said.

The parenting program is a family skills training program that covers effective discipline techniques, managing stress, how to improve family communication
and problem-solving. It is designed to improve relationships between parents and children. The parenting series will begin on Monday, Nov. 7. This class is already full. However, the next class series will be in the spring, and registration
has already begun.

The family financial management program Wi$eUp promotes financial security through education and skills training, and covers topics such as money math, how to track spending and setting financial goals, learn about credit, saving, and investing and how to plan for retirement. The family financial management series will begin in January 2017, and registration has begun.

Narro said that SFBV in Burleson County hopes to become a highly respected program to help individuals, couples and families achieve their goals in maintaining a healthy family and to provide them with the tools to do so.

Narro said, “These classes and workshops are not just for families in crisis situations. They are for anyone, parents and families, to gain knowledge and
learn useful tools to help them in their personal relationships and with
their children.” “I learn something new each time I teach a class or workshop,” Narro said. Narro said that the community’s response to the program has been

Narro said she is grateful for “the positive feedback and overwhelmingly positive response to the Strengthening Families Program in Burleson County. This program is going to grow and do great things for the families in Burleson County because of the tremendous support.”

Narro is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in health. Narro has worked for many years as a health
and community educator for St. Joseph Regional Health Center and most
recently worked for the Burleson County Extension Office.

Narro is excited to implement SFBV in her home area of Burleson County. She has strong ties to Burleson County and has lived in Caldwell her entire life, and her family has lived here for many generations. Narro said she truly cares about the communities in Burleson County and the families who live within the county, and she looks forward to serving them.

Preregistration is required to attend any workshops and class series.
All classes are free, and include a meal and free childcare. Classes are held at various locations around Burleson County. For more information about SFBV or to register for upcoming workshops and classes, visit: or contact Narro at (979) 567-2312 or email