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What is Strengthening Families of the Brazos Valley?

Strengthening Families of the Brazos Valley (SFBV) provides couples and individuals with the tools they need to create and maintain healthy families by providing programs in healthy relationships, parenting, and financial literacy. Project goals are to improve family functioning, improve adult and child well-being, and increase economic stability for the families in the following Texas counties: Burleson, Brazos, Grimes, Madison, and Robertson.

What are the curricula that will be used to deliver this training?

Healthy Marriage – PREP – 

  • The Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) is a marriage and relationship education intervention that teaches couples how to communicate effectively, work as a team to solve problems, manage conflicts without damaging closeness, and preserve and enhance commitment and friendship.
  • Delivered in a group workshop format, PREP addresses topics such as communication, affect management, conflict management, commitment, fun and friendship, sensuality and sexuality, problem-solving, forgiveness, and emotional supportiveness.
  • PREP is also effective in teaching single individuals positive relationship skills.
  • The total duration of the intervention is 5-8 hours and can be delivered in a variety of settings including weekly classes and weekend workshops.
  • The program is led by facilitators who have received training from PREP, Inc. Educational strategies used in the workshops include video-recorded demonstrations of negative patterns and skills and group exercises to foster learning and connection among couples.
  • Couples are encouraged to review materials, practice skills, and complete exercises between workshop sessions.
  • The course is also offered  online as ePREP.

Parenting and Family – Strengthening Families –

  • The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a nationally and internationally recognized family and parenting strengthening program for high-risk and general population families.
  • Key concepts covered in the sessions are implementing effective discipline techniques, managing stress, improving family communication, and problem-solving.
  • The SFP includes a parenting skills class and a separate youth skills class. It consists of ten sessions approximately one and half hours in length delivered by trained facilitators in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Each lesson builds on the one before it, and families are given weekly home exercises to practice the skills they have learned.
  • The SFP is also available through a home-use DVD, which has ten 30-minute lessons, a short introduction, and is designed for parents and children to watch together at home or in a group setting led by a trained facilitator. It teaches the same research-proven skills as the original SFP, with added material on Mindfulness, the impact of alcohol and drugs on the developing teen brain, and the parenting skills needed to prevent it.

Financial Well-Being – Wi$eUp

  • Wi$eUp is a financial education program series developed by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Professor and Family Financial Specialist, Nancy Granovsky.
  • The eight session program promotes financial security through education and skill. Wi$eUp participants will acquire basic financial awareness, learn money math, how to track their spending and set financial goals, gain an understanding of credit, learn the basics of saving and investing,
    including risk management, learn how to plan for retirement and achieve financial security.
  • During the course, participants will be asked to input goals that will then be used to assess progress during the course.

How does the SFBV program work?

  • The programs are free and open to any resident above the age of 18 yrs currently located  in Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Robertson and Madison.
  • Interested individuals and families are required to first contact their local program coordinator.
  • During the initial meeting the Coordinator will determine your specific needs and recommend which of the SFBV programs would best meet them.
  • The Coordinators will also recommend you to services of Partners if you both decide these are necessary.
  • Once enrollment is complete you will be given a schedule for when classes begin.
  • At the completion of the course you will be asked to provide feedback and your coordinator will stay in touch with you for six months following.





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Funding for this project was provided by the United States Department of Health and Humans Services, Administration for Children and Families, Grant #90FM0099. These services are available to all eligible persons, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or religion.